As You Give You Will Receive

Lately I am recognizing the wisdom the Course is lacing into my life, slowly and unassuming like a pair of simple yet stylish high top Converse sneakers. Until recent years, I would not have described myself as woman of faith. Although I had dabbled with the idea of God throughout my life, I struggled with the iconic version of the bearded white man passing judgement up in the clouds above. Now that I have reconciled what God actually is,  I can see how my life has transformed from the roots up into such a beautiful more loving experience.


Julie and I talk every week via FaceTime to review our weekly lessons. As I look back over the past 9 months since we began studying A Course in Miracles together in January, I am in awe of the evolution that has occurred in our lives.

Perhaps life would have taken us on this twirly whirly ride regardless of our studies. That said, I can say with confidence that we have both overcome our obstacles this year with more confidence, less fear and and certainly more grace.

We have both experienced significant personal transformations, not unlike the butterfly. Sometimes I wonder what a caterpillar thinks of those butterflies whirling around him; does he long for the day that he believes will never come where he too can experience such freedom or does the idea of such freedom terrify the little caterpillar? Our karma is our karma after all, no matter how we feel about it.


Lesson 126 – All that I give is given to myself

This lesson is an affirmation of why I study ACIM day in and day out. Our minds are filled by worries and fears that pollute our intentions and contaminate our relationships. As we dive deeply into the rabbit hole deep truths emerge and accepting that only love is real is a critical foundation for navigating the steep drop down the tunnel.

As the lesson states, “…we try to understand the truth that giver and receiver are the same“.

This is so wise. This lesson has manifested itself into my life lately and I am reminded time and time again that bringing fear to the table will alway add more fear. I think of it like this:

When I am mad at you, I feel angry.
When I am frustrated with you, I feel frustrated.
When I am proud of you, I feel a sense of pride.
When I make the effort to be patient, a calm sense of peace resides in me.
When I feel loving towards you, my heart is full of love.
When I am generous towards you, I live in the flow of abundance.
And so it goes with each and every emotion, reaction and response.

I am so grateful that ACIM came to me and that I have such a bright light in Julie to share the journey. Namaste _/|\_ Lisa BlomLisa_HB_Teachers

Blazing Light of Glory, is a co-created and cooperative writing, studying, and teaching effort of Lisa of BloomLisa and Julianne Victoria of Through the Peacock’s Eyes.


About Lisa van Reeuwyk

I show heart-centred people how to find clarity, live with confidence and create killer cashflows. Vancouver based mom of two beautiful girls and wife to one hunk of love. I read anytime I can, have a sacred love of nature, took my first yoga class was in 1993, constantly taking online courses, I read oracle cards and am inconveniently allergic to garlic.

13 thoughts on “As You Give You Will Receive

  1. I like your open and honest discussion of the “iconic God”. I too have had to come to grips with religious teachings that are prevalent in my friends…but that I never felt fit into my world. I’m so much more at peace about it now. Loving the butterfly of transformation!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. God can be a scary word for so many of us, especially to use online where it is out there….forever! Have a beautiful evening sweet thing!

  2. It’s funny how prevalent and “iconic” that idea of God is! And how wrong! Did you find the Course’s Christian terminology difficult to “swallow”, since you didn’t really consider yourself a “person of faith” before?

    1. Very hard! My earlier posts discuss the “translations” we made for terms like kingdom of heaven, God and Holy Spirit. The words have such religious connotations and it was a significant stumbling block. Luckily now I see past the words and don’t find it an issue at all. I wonder how many people quit ACIM or never even start due to the terminology! How was it for you Joseph?

      1. I think it can definitely be a turn-off, especially to those who feel they’ve been harmed or judged by (to give them the benefit of the doubt) well-meaning Christians. My background was protestant, but I always thought and felt that Christian orthodox belief missed the point of Jesus’ message. I had NO problem at all with Jesus reinterpreting passages in the Bible or changing the meaning of terms. I thought, “YES, THIS is what it meant!!” As far as my Christian friends with whom I attempted to share the Course’s message, however, that’s a mixed bag. Some people are just very fearful and do not accept any non-orthodox interpretation of the Bible, let alone the “twisting of meaning” into something the Church does not endorse. At the same time, if I do not mention the Course, those new interpretations ARE usually accepted! Funny thing!

        1. An open minded and open hearted approach is required isn’t it? Otherwise you will continue to scratching the surface, forever scratching your head too, haha. Thank you for stopping by and shining your light here Joseph. Have a wonderful day! Lisa

  3. Reblogged this on bloomlisa and commented:

    I wrote about transformation and awareness yesterday over at my other blog. I explore the idea that how we treat others manifests into how we treat ourselves. Enjoy the read and please add to the discussion; we created this blog as a resource and community for all souls on a spiritual journey. Thank you so much for stopping by. Light & love – Lisa

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