About Us

We are Julie (Julianne Victoria) of the blog Through the Peacock’s Eyes and Lisa of the blog bloomlisa. We began studying A Course in Miracles together in early 2014. We study four lessons each week and then meet via Skype once per week to discuss what we’ve learned, any insights, lesson parallels in personal life, as well as ways the lessons and messages of the Course could be more accessible to people of all backgrounds.








Though it is non-denominational, A Course in Miracles is written from a Christian perspective. I (Julie) went to a Roman Catholic elementary school from ages five to thirteen, so the wording and semantics are very familiar to me. Interestingly, as I read and study the Course, I often “translate” the terminology into Buddhist or Yogic terms. Lisa, however, comes from a non-religious background, so for her the Christian terminology is sometimes challenging to see past. Together, however, we are able to give each other different perspectives and insights into the lessons of A Course in Miracles.

During a Skype meeting a few months after we began studying together in 2014, we decided to start up this new blog together. Here we will share what we’ve learned, our insights, and any messages we’d like to put out there to help others, both those who are studying the Course and those not studying it who are looking for some spiritual guidance. We hope this blog will be helpful to you and shed some light upon the miracles occurring all around.

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