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Christ Consciousness & Judgement

Michelangelo's Last Judgement
Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement

Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.  ~ Luke 6:37

It’s hard to believe, but Lisa and I are into the 300’s out of 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles. As we near the end of our journey through the Course, we often reflect upon how there is truly only one underlying lesson for all the lessons, and that is the lesson of forgiveness, gratitude, and Love.

Lesson 301 in the section titled, What Is the Second Coming?, discusses: Father, unless I judge I cannot weep. Nor can I suffer pain, or feel I am abandoned or unneeded in the world. This is my home…Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion. 

Forgiveness is key. Forgiveness leads to peace. Forgiveness is all that Love can do. When we love, forgive, and are truly grateful, we cannot pass condemning judgements upon anyone or anything, including ourselves. There are no contradictions, conflicts, oppositions, nor duality with Love. In Love all is still, one, and timeless.

In the introduction to this section: let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and with our reserve… The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect…in Which the Sons of God acknowledge that they are all one. 

The Second Coming is the moment in time when humanity as a whole becomes inspired with the Holy Spirit, filled with Christ Consciousness, Ascends into Heaven, reaches Nirvana. In that moment in time, when Love and God are within us all, time becomes timeless.

Lesson 308: He has come to give His present blessing to the world, restoring it to timelessness and love.

the Last Judgement
Hieronymus Bosh’s Studio of the Last Judgement

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. ~ John 7:24

When the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness comes, the Last Judgement is said to occur. If God is Love, however, how can Love pass judgement? Love does not choose favorites. Love is not conditional. Love is forgiveness. Love Is All that Is. And Love is within each and every one of us. The Last Judgement must be one of forgiveness for our illusions, which exist only in the impermanent realm of time, and one of all embracing Love.

Tarot-Card-Judgement-CardIn the Tarot, the Judgement card is seen as a rebirth card. Figures are awakened by the sound of the Angel Gabriel’s horn and arise from their graves. This is symbolic of our souls rising out of the darkness to be born again into the light. It is about dispelling the illusions and clouds that the ego/mind creates out of fear and instead awakening to the timeless truth of Love. The only judgement is that which we view ourselves and our own lives, and make the choice to rise up to the call to Love, or return to hide behind the darkness of fear. May we all heed the call to Love!

I had not looked ahead, but today after meeting with Lisa on Skype, she pointed out that the next section is: What Is the Last Judgement? So, there may be a part two to this, so stay tuned!

Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.  Luke 17:20-21

Blazing Light of Glory, A Study in A Course in Miracles is a co-created and cooperative writing, studying, and teaching effort of Lisa of BloomLisa and Julianne Victoria of Through the Peacock’s Eyes.

Forgiveness & Gratitude Are the Way to Peace

TwainAs Lisa and I approach another review section (Lessons 171-180), the lessons of The Course continue to get longer and deeper, and as mentioned in this post: “At the same time the lessons are repeating like an expanding fractal. This forces us to go deeper and deeper into our minds to clear out the layers upon layers of illusions and beliefs that cloud the true vision of our Inner Selves.” One of the greatest lessons that The Course is teaching is that forgiveness and gratitude are the way to peace and salvation. To this I’d like to add that forgiveness and gratitude go hand-in-hand.

From Lesson 169: Forgiveness is the central theme that runs throughout salvationFirstly we need to understand that salvation can only come from within. Nobody outside of our True Self can free us from the sufferings, attachments, and grievances of our ego mind. We, the children of God or the extensions of Source, must  do the freeing, and as The Course teaches, freedom from grievances and sufferings of the mind comes through forgiveness of not only others, but ourselves, and through gratitude for all the experiences of life, for they all are presented to us so that we can learn, grow, expand, and find peace.

As mentioned above, forgiveness and gratitude cannot exist isolated from one another. To forgive brings about the realization of what an experience brought to us, and hence gratitude for it, even if it seemed like something terrible before. To find gratitude for an experience means that we have forgiven ourselves or another and hold no grudges. Clinging to anger, resentment, fears, or regrets will inhibit both gratitude and forgiveness, and it will prevent us from knowing peace.


Lesson 169: By Grace I Live. By Grace I Am Released

Forgiveness and gratitude are the way to peace; they are the way to live by grace. The word “grace” comes from from Old French gracier, meaning to thank, pardon, and favor. This in turn came from the Latin gratia, meaning favor, esteem, a pleasing quality, good will, and gratitude. Grace is the way of forgiving/pardoning/favoring and having gratitude. May we all live by grace!

Blazing Light of Glory, is a co-created and cooperative writing, studying, and teaching effort of Lisa of BloomLisa and Julianne Victoria of Through the Peacock’s Eyes.